The Ultimate List of 100 Ways to Humiliate a Sub

The Ultimate List of 100 Ways to Humiliate a Sub

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When I started out doing online work as a humiliatrix, I was so nervous and uncomfortable wearing my domme persona. Where most people start out in this profession out of choice or desire, I became part of the community as a form of employment. I had signed up to do work as a camgirl for an online studio without getting all of the information that I probably should have at the time. Next thing I knew, I had a manager calling me to make demands on what kind of shows I needed to perform if I was going to work under his studio name, sending me a 200-page guide book full of scripts to train me in different fetish scenes, and outlining the expectations he had in regards to my internet speed, computer specs, and the clothing I needed to wear. Looking back now that I have ventured out on my own, I would closely correlate that experience with being basically pimped out online, because I didn't even make that much money compared to what he made. That's another story for another day though.

Anyway, since I am the type of person who has to research everything and be able to fully wrap my head around something before I can commit to it, I immediately dove into reading or watching anything I could find in order to comprehend how there were actually men out there willing to pay me to put them down and make them feel insignificant. I come from a region of the United States that is informally known as "The Bible Belt," so fetishes aren't something people around here like to acknowledge, much less talk about. Needless to say, my horizons were very narrow compared to what they would broaden out to be within the next two years of my life. 

In my previous marriage, we didn't exactly play the dominant-submissive roles, but we did play on power exchange for the most part, with my husband being the ill-chosen leader while I settled into the love drunk follower position. It hadn't crossed my mind that women could grab the reigns and boss their partner around in the bedroom; even though I wore the pants in the other important areas of my life, my natural instinct was to be the complete opposite in the sheets with the man of my life. When the studio manager sent me that training guide full of degradation and humiliation, I was almost mortified at the thought of it, but I needed the money, so I tried my best to meet the demand. 

At first, it was blatantly obvious that I didn't know what I was doing. No matter how many times I practiced calling someone a "worthless loser" and telling them they could "speak to me when they grew a penis," my lack of confidence deflated my performance when I went live on camera and forgot all of the words and crazy ideas that I had planned out. That's when I decided that I was going to make a poster board to help me remember witty things to say, as well as ruthless names to make any man feel small. With that being said, I'll cut to the chase and introduce to you my ultimate list of entertaining humiliation tasks for inferior beta males. The list is written from a first person perspective as if I was speaking to my sub, so I'm sorry if that makes things a tad bit confusing. However, f you like what you see here, be sure to share it with other online communities to help me get some online exposure for my blog and store. Don't forget to go like and follow us on social pages as well. Hope you ladies enjoy it!


The Ultimate List of 100 Ways to Humiliate a Sub

  1. Find free sex toys for you to use and review in your spare time
  2. Make a list of all the things that make you uncomfortable so that I can punish you with them
  3. Write that you are my property on your body in permanent ink
  4. Make a list of your biggest fears so I can use them to my advantage
  5. Browse porn sites and show me 5 videos that turn you off
  6. Browse porn sites and show me 5 videos that embarass you but still turn you on
  7. Fill out an online "purity test" and send me the results
  8. Purchase a long distance toy for me to use against you
  9. Pop your ass with a rubber band
  10. Act as human furniture (ex: stool, chair, etc.)
  11. Put clothespins on your nipples 
  12. Wank while you kneel on uncooked rice then eat the mess
  13. Do household chores with a butt plug in your ass
  14. Squat with a butt plug in your ass and hold it for 5 minutes
  15. Dress as a sissy for 2 hours
  16. Pee in your pants
  17. Pose for a photoshoot dressed in panties and a bra
  18. Put an ice cube in your ass
  19. Paint your fingernails and toenails
  20. Do 25 jumping jacks with a ball gag in your mouth
  21. Shop for "Mistress and Me" matching lingerie outfits and send me the results
  22. Make a list of tasks you would perform and a list that you would not perform
  23. Slap your face with a handful of ejaculate 2 times (one on each side)
  24. Pillow hump with your finger in your ass
  25. Put your feet behind your head and finger pop your asshole
  26. Cum on the floor and lick it up without touching your nose to the floor
  27. Lick something that absolutely repulses you
  28. Eat your most hated food
  29. Stick your toothbrush in your ass and do not throw it away
  30. Spank your ass with a shoe while you squeal like a pig
  31. Call someone you know and tell them that you are mine
  32. Tie yourself in a compromising position
  33. Keep a diary of your journey into submission
  34. Shop for collar and personalized pet tag options and send them to me
  35. Eat from a dog bowl
  36. Pretend to be a cam girl for 30 minutes to make money for me
  37. Find a special item and send it to me via mail
  38. Make me a playlist
  39. Give a dildo a blowjob
  40. Make a diaper out of a t-shirt and wear it all day
  41. Tuck your cock in between your legs and dance for me
  42. Tie a bow around your clitty
  43. Use your fingers to show me an example of how you would suck dick
  44. Make your shirt into a bra and sing a girly song for me
  45. Play the game "Where is Dildo" (like "Where is Waldo") - I hide it and you have to find it in the room
  46. Lick a toilet bowl 
  47. Clean the toilet bowl with your toothbrush
  48. Cover yourself in custard/butter/yogurt and then clean it all off by eating it
  49. Repeat #52 but roll around in cereal before eating it
  50. Shove cream cakes or plates of cream in your face
  51. Pour syrup on your head and then put sticky notes that say degrading comments onto your face
  52. Pour honey and cornflakes in your underwear and then do squats
  53. Write the following words on your body in permanent marker where it can't be hidden: wimp, loser, faggot, small dick, insert cock here, etc.
  54. Put a butt plug with a tail on it in your ass and twerk
  55. Go shopping at a lingerie store and ask what items they have in your size
  56. Cum on a dildo and then suck it off enthusiastically
  57. Pillow hump in chastity (NO HANDS ALLOWED)
  58. Take a pee sitting down while I watch and laugh at you
  59. Go outside or answer your door naked
  60. Fill toilet with biscuits and lap them up like a dog
  61. Stand in the corner naked with high heels on and stomp until I tell you to stop
  62. Dress like a slut for plumber appointments about your "leaky pipe"
  63. Buy fake tanner and apply it then wear a bikini for a long walk through the neighborhood
  64. Shave off all of your body hair including your face
  65. Drink your own piss or spit from a sippy cup
  66. Fill 10 pages front and back with "I will obey my Mistress"
  67. When your finished with #70 rip them all into small pieces
  68. When your finished with #71 put all the pieces back together like a puzzle, tape them together, and hang them on your wall so you never forget
  69. Watch porn while your locked away in chastity with no touching even through the metal
  70. Beg to be able to cum
  71. If I shop online you must sit quietly while I ignore you and you file my nails - slaves are to be seen not heard
  72. Only allowed to move around on all fours
  73. Eat off of the floor without using your hands
  74. Hold a stack of coins or sheets of paper to the wall with a hard cock for 5 minutes - each time it falls is an extra minute
  75. Wank while you take a cold shower
  76. Drink toilet water with a straw that you have cut in half
  77. Stuff cum-filled panties in your mouth
  78. Put yourself in a shoulder wedgie for 2 hours
  79. Perform household chores in high heels and weighted nipple clamps
  80. Lick a public urinal
  81. Use cum as coffee creamer without any sugar
  82. Suck on your toes with a butt plug in your ass
  83. Put your dirty underwear on your head like a turbin and dance like a monkey with a butt plug in your mouth for a pacifier
  84. Compare your cock to things that make it look humiliatingly small 
  85. Video chat dressed like a sissy while I show some of my friends and we laugh at you
  86. Post photos of yourself on my website of you performing some of these tasks so everyone can see
  87. Put a condom on your small penis while it's hard so I can watch it fall off
  88. Prepare the house for me and my stud before we have sex and you have to clean up our mess afterwards
  89. Set up appointments on an online board with male suitors as gangbang slut
  90. Steal some of your mother's panties and wear them for me while you dance to "Barbie Girl"
  91. Make up a dance to the most girly song you know and strip along the way while I record it
  92. Write out a blackmail contract so I can humiliate you whenever and wherever I decide to
  93. Sleep on a dog bed in the floor of my bedroom wearing a collar and panties
  94. Purchase a collar with a bell on it so I can hear you everywhere you go in the house
  95. Push your soft penis back inside you and call it Miss Turtle
  96. Lock yourself in a chastity cage and mail me the key
  97. Make your dick into a banana split, then wank, and eat
  98. Use the bathrooom in the yard while I lead you around in your collar and leash
  99. Clean all of my shoes with your mouth
  100. Wear a pacifier on a necklace so I can make you shut up whenever I want
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